Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility programs seek to assist in the redevelopment and growth of the Garmian Region of Kurdistan through initiatives designed to aid the efforts of the community.

Kurdistan is a rapidly growing semi-autonomous region of federal Iraq that has made significant progress for its people. WesternZagros actively participates in the region’s civil and social development and the promise of the Kurdistan Region. WesternZagros aspires to be an industry leader in corporate social responsibility and to set high standards for our behaviour. This is our corporate commitment.

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are based on engagement with the community members in the areas impacted by our business. The Company continues to focus on five key corporate social responsibility initiatives in Kurdistan, namely: local employment, water supply, education, health care and youth recreation. We believe that our presence has a positive impact on the local community, assisting to promote sustainable development and an improving quality of life.

WesternZagros continues to build on our trusted partnerships with the people of Kurdistan and to contribute to social, cultural and economic development in the regions where we operate.